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Voice Solutions > IVR Solutions
IVR Solutions

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an easy way of doing more with less. These voice-based solutions reduce the burden of certain standard tasks, such as query handling and routing calls, on your employees. At RP Solutions, we offer customised IVR solutions by using a combination of IVR and Web interfaces, our customers are realizing benefits every day for applications which can free your employees from functions, such as

  • Service Ticket management helping customers find answers to queries, reach technicians and service personnel, and locate product outlets in different locations.
  • Generating reminder alerts and calls to customers or employees or other stakeholders for appointments and events.
  • Banking transactions
  • Telephone access to orders shipped
  • Locating a local vendor for a magazine advertisement
  • Voting and surveys
  • Radio station telephone promotions
Our innovative IVR application platform has a user-friendly interface:
  • Generates hourly, daily, monthly, or yearly graphs on calls with one click.
  • Generates summary reports to send to customers.
  • Allows you to create an unlimited number of call flows.
  • Enables text to voice conversion.
  • Allows for quick, on-the-fly changes to a script.
  • Comes with a high-quality, professional sounding voice.
  • Permits database interactivity.
  • Supports voice messaging capabilities.
  • Supports virtual receptionist applications.

IVR/ Voice Portal Integration:
IVR and Voice Portals help you manage calls more efficiently and process them automatically. We help you integrate them with your enterprise applications such as a CRM, to:

  • Enable customers to get information on status and balance queries.
  • Aid employees with routine sign-in and sign-out functions.
  • Guide prospective customers with the right information
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