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Our technology consulting services can effectively realign your existing system landscape in compliance with the latest and corporate governance standards, legacy applications optimization necessities, as well as future-oriented requirements accommodation aimed at helping you achieve maximum ROI out of your current IT investments.

Our technology consulting team helps clients to improve the level of alignment of business and technology through remarkable automation capabilities, improved process efficiency to significantly reduce cost and increase business value of IT. Our consultants combine extensive technical experience with strong strategic and business focused leadership.

We help our clients in building a high performance organization through optimizing and streamlining the IT strategy, IT governance and compliance, metrics, business processes, technology and organization structure needed to deliver and manage efficient IT services.

Every customer has different goals to achieve and hence, has different needs. We have developed customized service packages to fulfill these requirements

Assessment: A flawless and comprehensive IT assessment helps you to realize and establish the role of IT as a driver of business value rather than a support function. This exercise helps you bring clarity and define the IT strategy, providing a foundation for short and long term decision making and strategy development.

Optimization: A comprehensive IT optimization exercise helps you to realize maximized ROI out of the current IT infrastructure set-up, operations and investments. This helps you effectively consolidate the existing setup and use the same more efficiently in order to unlock greater value from IT assets and resources, thus achieving the desired returns from your current IT investments.

Implementation: R P Solutions follows a methodical, phased implementation strategy, by cultivating best practices from engagements across the globe. Each stage depicts major phases of any IT project - whether the client is engaged in a capacity planning, migration, change management, identity management, database planning or any other IT Management project.

Transformation: Our IT Transformation services helps you attain the desired level of maturity in the IT operations, bring in predictability as desired with respect to availability and performance, and remediate the pain areas in your IT operations through effective and comprehensive IT infrastructure management backed up by our patent pending cutting-edge technology.

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